Touch Screen

The wide range of Touch screen panel supported from D.C.D. cover all the applications market may need.
We support all the technologies available into the market which Resistive 4 and 5 wires, Capacitive, Sourface Acoustic Wave (Saw).
Our Touch screen controller fully support all the above technologies allow allow our customers to real Plug&Play solutions.
Our capability to develop new drivers constatly keep update new release of firmware for any Operating system.

  Resistive 4 wire Resistive 5 wire Capacitive Surface Wave(SAW)
Touch Resolution 4096x4096 4096x4096 1024x1024 4096x4096
Optical Clarity with Anti-Glare(AG) Poor Medium Good Very Good
Calibration Stability Slightly loosing calibration due to wear Stable, no-drift operation Sensibile to metal frame bracket Stable
Sizes Available

Any size , up to 17”

Any size , up to 24” 10,4" up to 24” 10,4" up to 40”
Stylus use possible beyond finger No Limitation, can use any stylus No Limitation, can use any stylus Need special conductive stylus Soft pliable stylus, like pencil eraser
Glove use possible Any type glove Any type glove Only very thin latex glove Any type glove
Touch screen Life Typically fewer than 1 million touches, Constant flexing will degrade accuracy over time Typically fewer than 20 million touches, Constant flexing will degrade accuracy over time Specified to over 30 million touches Coatings can wear Tested to over 50 million touches.Constant flexing won’t degrade accuracy over time
Durability Poor Medium Good Excellent
Response time Medium Good Very Good Very Good
Other factors affecting performance of TS TS surface can be damaged by vandalism TS surface can be damaged by vandalism Use of gloves yields inconsistent response Cannot be sealed against chemicals and some liquids
Advantage Low price. Can be activated with any device. Good compromise in term of price / quality. Can be activated with any device High Durability
High light transmittance
Very high light transmittance
Very high durability
Disadvantage Least durability touch technology
Shorter life than other technologies
Least light transmittance
Least durability touch technology
Least light transmittance
Requires Periodic calibration
Susceptible to electronmagnetic interference
Accepts input only from a bare finger
Some Surface obstructions can cause a false touch
Request a soft input device

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