KIT Solutions

The wide range of interface card supported from D.C.D. cover all the applications market may need.
Our interface card can drive all the panels in D.C.D. portfolio starting from small size like 6,5” up the huge Samsung 82” with 1920 x 1080 as resolution.
All our interface card comes fully equipted with interface cable, inverter cable, osd and osd cable and they’re fully tested to allow customer to real Plug&Play kit solutions.
We cover all kind of input signal like standard Vga, Dvi, S-Video, Composite video, Audio function.
We support also TV-Tuner card for making TV set with Remote control.
Our card can drive both TTL and LVDS signal.
 Name Board size Max. Resolution Scaler Input Output Remarks PDF
Lily-0 95x95 1280x1024 RealTech RTD2523 Vga & DVI LVDS standard low cost solution PDF
Lily-Digital 150x100 1280x1024 RealTech RTD2523 Vga & DVI LVDS - TTL audio supported PDF
Lily-Digital-Video 150x100 60x60 1280x1024 RealTech RTD2523 Vga & DVI CompositeVideo & S-Video LVDS audio supported PDF
Lily-Digital-Slim 100x120 1280x1024 RealTech RTD2523 Vga & DVI Composite Video & S-Video(opt.) LVDS TTL (shared with video) low profile (7mm) PDF
Lily-TV 185x85 1280x1024 RealTech RTD2523 Vga, DVI, Comp.Video, S-Video, TV tuner audio input LVDS TV tuner PDF
Flora Digital 150x100 1366x768 Pixelworks PW131 Vga & DVI LVDS high quality - suitable for large panels PDF
Orchid 120x150 1920x1080 MST9251 Vga & DVI LVDS top quality - full HD resolution PDF

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