Surface capacitive technology consists of a uniform conductive coating on a glass panel. During operation, electrodes around the panel's edge distribute low voltage uniformly across the conductive layer creating a uniform electric field. A finger touch draws current from each corner of the electric field. The controller calculates touch location coordinates by measuring the current and transmits it to the computer for processing.

Capacitive Technology:
Capacitive touchscreens provide a solution for high end application. The transparent protective coating makes the sensor resistant to scratches and abrasions. Touch performance is unaffected by everyday abuse and mishaps such as dirt, dust, condensation, liquid spills, contaminants or cleaning solutions. D.C.D. controller responds to quick, light touches, and operates drift-free even in areas of poor grounding.

Surface Capacitive Benefits:
Fast, sensitive touch response with excellent dragging performance
Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission.
Smart touch response without false touches.
Antiglare-glass option.
Anti-vandal Touch on fully tempered glass available on option

Flat Touch screens are available in sizes ranging from 10.4 to 21.3 inches.
Please contact us for size availability.


Point-of-Sale terminals (POS) - Kiosks - Vending and ticket sales - Gaming, lottery, and amusement - Public pay phones. - Multimedia marketing. - Banking/financial transactions. - Industrial control rooms.


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